We Care

iBenefits provides insurance solutions and services to clients
designing and managing insurance needs for employees and
families. Our main objective is to consider and the vast
majority of options and alternatives available in the market.

Our clients place the complex task of evaluating, designing,
and managing the healthcare insurance needs in the hands
of experienced and knowledgeable professional.

iBenefits is a benefits consulting organization dedicated to
providing its clients customized affordable health and
wellness solutions. We offer comprehensive and one-stop
shopping solutions for all your health insurance needs.

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Service Solutions

- Individual Medical, Drug, Dental & Vision
- Group Medical, Drug, Dental & Vision
- Individual Life & Disability
- Group Life & Disability
- Electronic Billing & Eligibility Software Solutions
- COBRA Administration
- Communications
- Call Center-Sales and Services

Our Focus

- Keep clients with iBenefits up-to-date information
- Reach new clients to market our services
- Offer on-line quote to deliver fast healthcare insurance quotations
- Create client database
- Offer new services or programs
- One place access to health information
- Create partnerships